Wireless Lesson


The purpose of this lesson is to teach each student how to use the NRF24L01 using the NRF24 library.


Oliver Logush


Signal Module Pin Arduino Pin
VCC 2 +3.3V
CE 3 7
CSN 4 8
SCK 5 13
MOSI 6 11
MISO 7 12


The NRF24L01 uses the SPI bus to communicate with the arduino. The CE pin is used to determine whether it is transmitting or recieving. You can set the channel it is using between 0 and 124. It is best to use the upper 25 channels because WiFi uses the lower channels. Since there are many of us using them at once we will all use a seperate channel. The amount of power the chip is using can be set as well, this determines how far the range will be. For this class the range will be kept low because that is all that is needed.

Library Reference



First the library needs to be installed. This can be done from the arduino IDE. To get it go

Sketch>Include Library>Manage Libraries

Then make sure that Type and Topic are set to All. Then type RF24 in the search bar. Click on the library that pops up called RF24. It may not be the first one on the list

Then click install and you are done!


The project for the NRF24L01 will implement your knowledge of the NRF24L01 chip, shift registers, and the serial monitor. The aim is to form a group of two and one of the group members will be transmitting and one will be receiving. The one transmitting will transmit an ASCII character that has been sent to it via the serial monitor. This will transmit to the receiver which will then display the value of the ASCII character in binary on the LED bar graph

ER due: Saturday March 11 at midnight. Subject: Wireless Communication